Presidents Corner

Updated 3/16/2019

Hi Club Members and Friends,

Meeting Date and Time: Monday 3/18/2019 at 7:00 -9:00PM

***Please note the Time Change***

Meeting Location: Marco Pizza, 4336 Ridge Road, Dallas GA.

Pizza’s are 11.99 for extra large cheese and 13.99 for a peperoni, each has 12 slices. If we order a couple of pizza’s we can have the room for our meeting. I am hoping everyone will like the piizza plan and we can just split the cost.

The Current 2019 Officers are:

Charles Turner K0CZR President
Randy Hagan W1HGN Vice President
Rick Bowhall K4ZMW Treasurer
Ruth Leber WA4MDQ Secretary
John Reynolds W4TXA Repeater Trustee


Rick will be on vacation and will not be able to attend this meeting.

You can replace your entire old Agenda Calendar each month when you get the new one. As before you receive the updated agenda’s. I will have copies of the agenda available for you at the meeting.

Please be thinking of things to so do for 2019 and bring them to the meeting…

******Our Repeater 145.290 is operational on a temporary Antenna.

Be sure and read over the March 18 Agenda to see what will be happening at the meeting. I will have copies of the Agenda for you at the meeting.

I am Monitoring 146.955- 77Hz Tone, Dallas and 146.880 which is Stone Mountain and the 145.110 -88.5 Tone Douglasville when I am in the shop. Be persistent and try several times as it is checking all three frequencies. At present I can’t hit our W4IBM repeater. I am trying to remedy that. (Soon)

Hope to see you all at the club meeting Monday 3/18/2019!

73 Charles K0CZR 770-943-7686/ 404/725/0395 Cell