My name is Charles Turner. I started in amateur radio in 1955 as KN0CZR in Oakland, IA. I was a sophomore in high school.

I purchased my first license manual from World Radio Laboratories in Council Bluffs and took my Novice Class license exam with an FCC examiner in Omaha, NE. I remember the examiner wore a black suit with a vest and a white shirt and he sat in a chair behind a raised podium. Talk about one scared and intimidated kid. He never cracked a smile the whole time during the testing. I didn't know whether I passed the test or not for six weeks, that's when I received my license. 

I got my General Class license in 1956 and they dropped the N in the license, so my call was K0CZR. I joined the United States Air Force in 1959 and my 4 year tour of duty was spent in Rhein Main, Germany, from 1960 until 1963. I got my German amateur radio license DL4ZR, and had my amateur station in the Barracks.

After returning home in 1963, I went back to school in Omaha at The Radio Engineering Institute (REI) for two years. Immediately following graduation I was hired to teach there at REI for the next two years. I studied and received my First Class Commercial Radio Telephone license with a Radar Endorsement.

I joined IBM as a Computer Service Technician in 1969 and was inactive in amateur radio from the mid 1970's until 1992. That's when two of my three sons took interest in amateur radio. My license had expired by then, so I had to retake the license and then my call was KE4AVD.  After the Vanity call signs came available I got my original call sign back as a Vanity call. So now I am back to my original call K0CZR. My call and I go way back and I plan on keeping it. I became a Certified Technical Trainer Instructor with IBM and retired in 2000 after 33 years.

I still enjoy amateur radio today. I am also a registered instructor with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). My hobbies are radio repair, small engine repair, wood working, welding, giving lectures on troubleshooting, and participating in the amateur radio hobby with other ham friends.

I welcome you to come and visit us at our next W4IBM ARC meeting. Let's keep learning radio and so we can pass it on to the next generation.


73 Charles Turner K0CZR

W4IBM Club President